the worst feeling about trying to draw is being a mediocre artist. You realize you’re not terrible and family and friends who can’t draw at all tell you all the time how amazing you are, but you, as the artist, have seen what amazing really is and you realize that it isn’t you.

thank you for putting this into words

30min-1hr scribble for the evening.

Derpy sharky.

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Angawi house, Jeddah, Arabia Saudita

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TP: Lineage by ruina

Go and do not falter, my child!

I recently finished a playthrough of Twilight Princess for the first time and had lots of intense feels…………

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Ooooold ooooold sketch. (2009)

Terra Branford. (FF6)

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A compilation of my Zelda pieces thus far! (2012-present)



Over 2k notes… Oh my god…

This is a big, big deal for me. Thank you all so much!!

Etoile Online Charity Artbook Preview by ruina

A preview of my contribution for the Étoile Online Charity Artbook project by GGClub!

Donations will be going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Several people asked me at AX whether I have an online store, but some of you may have noticed that my Storenvy is closed. This is due to my recent move to Japan, and I haven’t figured out what I want to do with shipping/handling pricing yet. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be opening it until late August to September, when I go back to Kyoto where my shipping materials are. So in the meantime, if you would still like prints from me, please check out my DA Prints or Society6 instead! Sorry for the inconvenience!